Joe Fiedrich
President/CEO of Hydronics Manufacturing Inc.
Columnist for Contractor Magazine from 1991-1997
Since originally founding Stadler Corporation in 1978, Joe Fiedrich has been a leader and innovator in the radiant heating industry.  Mr. Fiedrich has been instrumental during the past 33 years in introducing European hydronic system technology to North America and adapting it to the American market.
About Hydronics Manufacturing
Pre-assembled floor heating panels for fast system installation, 1/2-inch in thickness.  Hinged and folded for fast and easy handling.
Many "This Old House" home improvement projects have utilized our radiant floor heating panel systems over a period of two decades.
Hydronics Manufacturing Inc, shipping floor and wall panels to North American and European system manufacturers for distribution to the installing trades.
Other floor heating system components to accommodate an installer friendly, time saving installation.
As the inventor of Viega's Climate Panel® System,  and  Uponor's QuikTrak® System,  as well as many related system components, Joe is pleased to introduce a new patented panel system, designed for radiant wall heating.
Serving the Radiant Heating Industry